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The Author

I am a Site Reliability Engineer at the Internet Security Research Group working on whatever needs doing, including Let’s Encrypt and Prio. In the past I led the Cryptography Engineering team at Mozilla. In 2014-15 I built-out and helped launch Let’s Encrypt. An even longer time ago I co-founded SAIFE, Inc. and purpose-built a high-performance public key infrastructure.

I was an editor of the Level 1 and Level 2 W3C Web Authentication specifications, as part of my goal of replacing passwords everywhere I can.

I’m also an active private pilot and occasionally post about aviation topics under the heading aviation.


You can reach me on on Twitter @CipherCoffee, on Github as jcjones, or via Matrix at @jcj:mozilla.org.


You can occasionally hear me talk about topics. See my Speaking Engagements list for upcoming and past events.