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Analyzing Let's Encrypt statistics via Map/Reduce

Published 2017-05-16

I’ve been supplying the statistics for Let’s Encrypt since they’ve launched. In Q4 of 2016 their volume of certificates exceeded the ability of my database server to cope, and I moved it to an Amazon RDS instance.

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Early Impacts of Let's Encrypt

Published 2016-02-19

During the months I worked in Let’s Encrypt’s operations team I got fairly used to being the go-to man for any question that a database query could solve.

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Beta Testing Let's Encrypt

Published 2015-10-08

One of the advantages to being part of the Let’s Encrypt team is early access to the closed beta. As such, I’ve been able to issue a handful of certificates from the service. For example: usr.bin.coffee. There’s a lot of other upsides as well, such as working with incredible... [read more]