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Let's Encrypt's Growth to 10 Million Active Unique FQDNs

Published 2016-09-30

Yesterday Let’s Encrypt reached a new milestone: the unique set of all fully-qualified domain names in the currently-unexpired certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt is now 10,022,446.

This data is coming from the same source as my previous posts: my CT box which is maintaining a state of Censys.io and Certificate Transparency using github.com/jcjones/ct-sql and a much-abused MariaDB server.

Let’s Encrypt Growth Timeline

Growth Timeline

You can take a look at the graph in live-form, as well as some of the datasets coming from it at ct.tacticalsecret.com.

This is the future of the Let’s Encrypt Statistics page on letsencrypt.org. The current graphs on LE’s site are my doing, and they were 20 minutes of work late one night just to get something out there (We’ve all done that, right?). Of course, they’ve stayed online as “the” stats for far longer than I had ever intended. Doubly-problematic, those graphs’ queries look like they show data all the way back to first issuance, but they actually don’t - there’s some LIMIT statements which are there because the queries were fast and ugly.

The update to the Let’s Encrypt website to use these new datasets is live as PR #61 on the LE Website repo, awaiting @LetsEncrypt_Ops time to set up the cron job. In the meanwhile, enjoy ct.tacticalsecret.com as the demo and the bleeding-edge site.