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The State of CRLs Today

Published 2017-08-18

Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) are a way for Certificate Authorities to announce to their relying parties (e.g., users validating the certificates) that a Certificate they issued should no longer be trusted. E.g., was revoked.

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Public Authentication

Published 2014-07-30

The public authentication problem is one we have all learned to solve with intuition: How do I decide to trust a new person?

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Prevalence of Well Known Peers in the Internet of Things

Published 2014-07-04

The Internet of Things is imagined to be a interconnection of sensors and physical devices of all kinds into the world’s information systems: a collection of machine-to-machine communication devices used to gather and distribute information about the world, contrasted with the human-machine interactions making up the bulk of today’s Internet.... [read more]