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Austin or Bust: A Post-Y'allhands Adventure

Published 2020-11-01

Due to a variety of factors, Mozilla changed venues for our 2017 winter all-hands meeting to Austin, Texas, and Austin being a city with relatively poor commercial airline connectivity, ticket prices were fairly high even for me to fly there from Phoenix.

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Berlin By Air

Published 2020-10-05

I have had business dealings requiring me to visit Berlin regularly for the last 5 years, and in 2018 I finally made the trip outside of the city to Strausberg Airport to rent a Cessna 172SP Skyhawk.

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Watching Hawaii Boil the Pacific Ocean

Published 2020-09-29

I’ve had a lot more opportunity to travel since I joined Mozilla, and it eventually occurred to me: I could rent aircraft in some of these places I was visiting, and see those places in a different way.

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Long Instrument Cross-Country Training Flight

Published 2016-09-08

I’m training to be able to fly in clouds and other poor visibility situations. Part of the requirements for this “Instrument Rating” is to fly cross-country, on instrument rules, and do instrument landings at three airports, a task I undertook last Friday

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