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Nevermind about RWC and OSCW: COVID instead

Published 2023-03-25

At this point I’m supposed to be in Tokyo, attending the Real World Crypto Symposium in Tokyo next week, and after that, I’m co-organizing and speaking at the Open Source Cryptography Workshop. But I’ve gotten COVID-19 again, instead.

Long story short, my household got a positive PCR test result just a couple of hours before I was to get on a plane to Tokyo, and while I wasn’t sick yet, I’d been significantly exposed.

Since then I’ve gotten sick. Not as sick as I was last August (yet), but clearly glad to have not gotten on the plane, even if I’m just crushed that I’m once again not at RWC, let alone not going to be at the workshop I’ve helped organize.

I got some time yesterday to pre-record the talk about Rustls-FFI and the work to allow curl and libcurl to use Rustls for TLS. Watching through the couple of recordings I made, to me it’s painfully obvious how I’m struggling to avoid coughing while talking. I am my own worst critic, though.

Maybe I’ll feel well enough to give it another try before the workshop.

Since I’m not there to tell folk in person, let me make sure the record shows that Thyla van der Merwe is absolutely the star organizer for the workshop: She had the idea and pulled together the funding and the venue. I helped out where I could, and now I’m not going to be there to help on the ground.

Blasted virus.