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Garden Imp

Published 2014-08-06

Using an Electric Imp and two Vegetronix VH400 soil moisture sensors, I am now able to monitor the water content of two locations in my garden.

Right now this system uses Electric Imp’s infrastructure for data transmission; all readings are sent via HTTPS to their servers and then queried from there. Since this all fits into the definition of an IoT Node of No Security Consequence, I’m alright with the information belonging to them for the time being, and re-evaluating as I add more functionality.

The source code for the Agent and the Device, the two pieces of the Electric Imp infrastructure, are included below.

Obligatory Screenshot

Garden Imp Screenshot

Source Code

The source code can be found at my GitHub page: https://github.com/jcjones/garden-imp

There are two files, one for the Agent and one for the Device.


This software is released under the MIT License.